Reply To: In denying Snyder petition, Supreme Court upholds Sixth Circuit ruling


During the Fall last year, a group of organized volunteers – among them the most famous former sheriff in Michigan, from Ingham County, MI, Gene Wriggelsworth, longest-serving Ingham County sheriff was among them.
These people constructed the needed modifications to my porch so that I could use it and enter my home with my wheelchair. This organization is called “Tuesday’s Toolmen” and they receive Federal and State funding to provide their services. They also assisted me at my previous home with deck, ramp and railing needs. The Sherrif arrived about an hour before the others and we had a most pleasant chat. They all treated me well despite my being a SORA registrant since 1996.
My point is that not everyone treats SORA persons badly. I felt that in light of my personal frustrations and previous posts in being a permanently and severely disabled SORA registrant, that positive comments are also needed, even if they are far and few occurring.
I appreciate all that NARSOL and other organizations are doing, and I thank you.