Reply To: Give me your cold and homeless — but not your cold, homeless sex offenders

obvious answers

It was Grand Rapids Mel Trotter Ministry’s. I am very familiar with the situation.
I know one of the pastors that was managing the shelter at the time. (He was not the one that turned the man away)
That story is very true and very sad. I even remember hearing a speal from the pulpit actually bragging about Mel Trotters turning the man away before they realized later he died. Before I continue please understand the pastor (I will not name)was and is a very good man.Like many of us horrible decisions were made. He was making judgment calls based on the fever that grips people when ever the “sex offender” stigma is mentioned.
I also remember the look on the pastors face when I confronted him polity after his service. Up till that point I had been a very respected member of the church and had been instrumental in helping many family’s, of course know one knew me, because I have worked very hard to avoid the stereotype and avoided letting anyone know me personally.. I mentioned to him that while he wasn’t aware of it I was on the registry as well and would he feel the same about my death. We spent many hours and days after talking.Educating.
I will say that pastor is now a very close friend of mine and he works very hard to not only include but reach out to people on the registry and their family’s.

A good example of why the stigma needs to be challenged inside and outside. How will you have the confidence to stand up to others if you cant stand up to yourself?