Reply To: Give me your cold and homeless — but not your cold, homeless sex offenders


obvious answers

Henry and anyone else~
You ask a very good question….. And surprisingly enough a very easy question to answer because the answer is in history and you are not the first ones to pave the path.So lets hit it first and we will stray to a side topic later.

first some questions..
Q. How did gays get the rights and freedoms as equals?
A. The gay community for many years gained no leverage.When they finally started forcing people to recognize them under the LGBT heading and refused to answer to anything else they started gaining traction. LGBT doesnt have the gay or homosexual stigma..remove the stigma gain the support.
Q How did black people start to win their rights in the 70’s?
A. A large part of the battle for acceptance was in the refusing to accept the “stigma titles ” given to them. By forcing people to accept them as people and not as stigmatic words they were able to gain leverage for sympathy.
Q. How did government and women get to murder the unborn?
A. When they stopped admitting they were murdering a baby and started calling it a fetus it was no longer associated with humanity and therefor had its God rights stripped away to the point of being ripped apart limb from limb.. Think about that next time the government tells you they are protecting the children eh?

To win this fight the start needs to be in education. Educate yourself and your allys and your family and your loved ones to reality and as you do refuse to accept being a sex offender. They wont stop the label until you refuse to accept it… As long as you accept the sex offender title by not opposing it directly, you accept in your soul the stigma that comes with it. You will never defend yourself properly because deep inside you have been conditioned to believe you deserve it and that you are subhuman. Dont rant to me and tell me are only lying to yourself because everyone around you can see the answer clearly. When you can see the truth and remember you are a human then it is time to actively remove the lie everyone else has been fed. Then people will stand for you.

Side topic: Start holding the Witch doctors and quacks accountable

99% of the supposed counselors/psychiatrists are nothing more then hypocritical brain washer charlatans insuring you are mentally broken to the lowest points and will never rise again and getting rich doing it and helping to create the hysteria the public lives on to insure their fame and wealth.. If they are not exposed they will forever keep you down because you my friend are a golden goose and help them hold God complexes much like the witch doctors of old..

need proof? Think on this.. All of them you ever hear or who have ever written “help books” have all approached “sex offender” crimes as an alcoholics anonymous style crime where all sex offences are because you are horribly addicted and its a mental affliction you can win but must fight every day of your life like heroin addiction ect…
The problem with that? Their is no one size fits all sex crime so how do you have a one size fits all answer? You dont.. (while some may have serious mental considerations,so do some thieves,murderers,embezzlers).. can you say the young man who met the girl in the bar has the same addiction? or the school boy friend?Is it possible a young man in one state with an age of consent law that is 18 is a sex addicted demonic fiend but if he steps 5 feet across an imaginary border where the statute is 17 he is now white as the driven snow and cured?, or the man that rented the prostitute? A million different scenarios and a million different answers..And if everyone was this sex fiend why is it sex crimes have some of lowest repeat offences? .Pretty easy and obvious to see isn’t it?But only if you are looking.. So why dont the psychiatrists and counselors who are supposedly “professionals” confess to that? How long would they look like shining Gods if they admitted they have been telling lies the whole time and pandering fear while pretending empathy? How much money could they make if they had to admit not everyone, maybe not even most, they diagnosed as an sex fiends really were so incurable after all?
1st first get your self respect by washing yourself of the stigma and accepting yea you did something wrong, maybe horribly is something you did and not something you are thou..tomorrows anouther day.
2nd. start speaking truth to power..starting with the liars pretending to be ally like the counselors and fake psychiatrists doing more harm then good by creating blanket diagnosis with blanket guilt ..