Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


terry brunson

@ Chuck –

Be strong brother – this is a spiritual war going on before our eyes……….. The PASC is the part of Government that that has the power. Law legislatures make laws- Governor’s sign things into law. . . . BUT THE CHECKS AND BALANCES IS IN THE COURTS.

old school judges that seen it all and heard it all. . . HB 1952 is a knee jerk law – that will fall on its face at the first challenge. I think I been put into position to pull it down. I amended my brief to fight HB 1952 over Muniz. Look at all the pleadings I filled at the commonwealth court site.

I put together a clarification brief to force the hand of the PSP and PAG to reply by brief in opposition. They are not going to answer right away because they don’t know where the answer in opposition will come from.

The Sorna landscape has significantly changed on 19 July 2017 when PASC handed down a decision on Commonwealth v. Muniz 164 A3 1189 (Pa. 2017) This case is the Law of the Commonwealth because the highest court in the Commonwealth says so……. HB 1952 is an under-minding claim knee jerk of the politicians who don’t want 10,000 RSO’s to leave. They want to show they are protecting public safety . . . .It is a knee jerk the sad part is- HB 1952 had not opposition in the process. It is like playing foot ball with no defense.

The vote was 188 – 0 because 2018 is an election year. the blame will be shift to the PASC and they will ride through it . THE PASC IS LARGE AND IN CHARGE OF WHAT LAWS GOVERN WHO – HB 1952 will be made law because of its overwhelming vote support. But most of those votes were votes by intimidation if you vote no your ass is ours. Fear is going to push HB 1952 into law – But fear will not hold it up to live pass the muster challenge of the PASC and Muniz.. you can’t miss if you work with this