Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@ Brain and to all. Im sorry if i got people confused for a bit. It was not meant for that. It was meant for all of us to really dig deeper into the 1952 bill for pre sorna! Because its going to be the 1952 bill will be it and will be in full affect in the next month or two. Muniz and his team will most likely to be doing their thing after the 1952 bill. So they can all knock down the 1952 bill and or challenge it in its fullest. To me that makes since due to the fact that it gives them time to prepair the fight. Yes, in a way the 1952 bill does help in a short deal. But the fact is that its a bs bill. We all know that. Even if i or anyone on here will be getting off the registry with the 1952 bill. I will still be replying on here. We all stick together and help each other to understand whats going on. At first of all this i had no clue what was going on and all confused. Now i understand much better with all your help. Look guys just because other people the so called haters around in this world it does not mean that they are better than us. Infact they are worse than us. Reason. Hate, negative bs really show nothing but uglyness with in them selfs and they have issues. They are too judgmental. Their the ones that is going to have to answer at the other side of life. So keep all your heads up and just live a great life. Dont let anyone get in the way. I wished some how i could give you my phone number and we all can vid chat together. I do not know if we can give out our email adresses on this. But im sure there is a way. But, right now im heading to bed and i will be back on here tomorrow and comment more stuff. Bro hugs to you all!!!!