Reply To: Give me your cold and homeless — but not your cold, homeless sex offenders


You know this topic is really interesting when one really understands the underlying workings of this sex offender plight. Just who are we fighting this worthy cause for. Sure we are fighting it for just for all. What commandments are we breaking and what commandments are they breaking. When it comes down to it who is the actually authority in this cold war saga. Who will judge man’s wisdom over his creator’s wisdom when the last trumpet blows.
I believe everybody knows two wrongs don’t make a right. Sure there is emotional damage in all of us that got involved or wrapped up in this type of ordeal.
Is going against the grain gone a bit to far? If someone was protecting a real person I could understand a bit more but when one makes a charade out of this, especially those that are ordained than one has to stand up. Either you stand up for one considering the circumstances involved or you just let it ride for the next generation.
Its actually time to stop a lot of this barbaric endeavor. Man in his human wisdom seems to know how to solve things but at the same time who is keeping who in bondage.
Now we can go to the bible for the answer or we can just use man’s super wisdom that doesn’t have a leg to stand on in a lot of this internet espionage if you want to call it that. Sin is Sin and believe me we all have it or is one no different from another. A lot of us shouldn’t suffer like this as there is enough suffering as it is.