Reply To: In denying Snyder petition, Supreme Court upholds Sixth Circuit ruling



Thank you for posting this, but to me this is just everyone dragging their feet in my opinion, WE WON what is the big deal, WE as the Registrants should NOT have to register since it has already been ordered that parts of the registry mainly 2006 and 2011 amendments were deemed unconstitutional. I get we need to be patient and let the ACLU do their job, and they are doing a great job don’t get me wrong.

It’s just if you have been on this stupid thing as long as I have, then you find out it’s been found to be unconstitutional and that you (I) should of never been placed on it to begin with because the registry did not exist in 1992 starts to get a little frustrating.

I don’t think any of us who were retroactively put on this ,or anyone who has been on it before the 2006 and 2011 amendments should be forced to keep registering, since many of us were ONLY suppose to register for 25 years , or NOT be put on it at all, in my case when they put me back to 25 years and if they keep my registration start date were it is right now, I will have my 25 years in plus 7 months the way it stands now.

So waiting till almost the end of 2018 is NOT fair to us, who have been waiting for so long, Michigan lost, but yet we are still being forced to comply with something we should not have to comply with anymore.

Don’t mean to be a pain, but you have to understand were I am coming from, and what about the 2013 amendment I refuse to give Michigan another $50 bucks in March. Thank you for letting me vent my disappointment.