Reply To: In denying Snyder petition, Supreme Court upholds Sixth Circuit ruling


I have personally been fighting tirelessly since 1978 (Michigan’s Barrier-free Design Board laws were first enacted IN 1968) when I got the city of Grand Ledge, MI to put up its first Handicapper parking sign, 9 years before I became disabled. Chernobyl, Russia still is more handicapper accessible than anywhere in Michigan! Just a few short blocks from Michigan’s Capital Building the Sparrow Hospital is still REFUSING to have even 1 (one) handicapper parking spot for its Emergency Room patients!! Why in Hell won’t Snider or Schuette get off their ass and walk there to enforce Michigan’s laws!! Let alone one Handicapper spot for a UNITED STATES CITIZEN like myself who need the specially wide one for a full-sized van with a side-discharge lift!

Ladies and gentlemen of Michigan, I have no confidence that Michigan will ever abide by the Constitution of the USA or of Michigan, let alone the DOES -v- Snider ruling!