Reply To: In denying Snyder petition, Supreme Court upholds Sixth Circuit ruling


I filed the form found at:, and will call: Juan P. Caballero,
Legal Fellow at the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan – 1514 Wealthy St., Suite 242, Grand Rapids, MI 49506 (Offices in Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Lansing) on Monday during their phone hours of 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., but I was unable to reach: “Tim” at:
I feel strongly that continuing to register under current “law” here in Michigan is just giving the State tacit authorization to continue to violate my Federal Civil Rights under DOES -v- Snider, And under the Patriot Act which covers the Hate Crimes Act which covers me as a permanently and severely disabled person under the American’s with Disabilities Act and the State of Michigan’s Disability Act., etc.
Further, whereas I have 30 years of uncontroverted medical records from Michigan State University and various other medical experts (as well as from the State of Michigan from 1996 to 2007) as to my disability needs proving by Federal Judge Arthur J. Tarnow in Detroit that the State cannot Constitutionally “house” me under the 8th Amendment, (see also Perrish -v- Johnson) (see also the harsh and strong words by State Judge Peter D. Houk AGAINGST the State of Michigan in my case) I do not fear Snider and his cronies like Bill Schuette, et. al at this time, or ever! As to local “authorities”, I doubt they will get involved with trying to enforce “laws” which are now unlawful/unconstitutional.