Reply To: IL SOR Task Force recommends changes in state policies


Tim Lawver

As a person familiar with the Illinois State Police registration system I found the process lengthy. Most of the information the Feds had from my state case in Wisconsin was available on other databases, so they already had it. The town’s female staff stood and gawked while one took pics n prints. I asked them why they were taking my hand prints in the old ink fashion when no crime had been done…I was merely reporting a part time job frying fish Friday night for the American legion women’s auxiliary. It was a low paid volunteering, a five hour gig. I live just across the border.

WOMEN’S AUXILIARY! said one of those there, a female but I did not see which one. Sure enough I should have kept my mouth shut because that added another 20 minutes while they called around to verify, as if I would lie.

So There I was the next night(Fri) frying Cod and Perch, shrimp n fries and in the door comes the local PD. Two cops stood at the table looking back at me realizing they should have used the backdoor. I approached them looking through a large service window in the front of the kitchen and told them politely that they had to place an order or get out of the way. As usual the place was packed. They bought it. I looked at the group of us servicing the crowd, five or six blue hairs and said see I am bringing in more customers already. They all Just bustin up laughing, LOUD! I said, ” You ladies take note, there’s a dangerous man in this kitchen. DANGEROUS! Then did my best Michael Jackson Dance.

Beware the database, it is not your friend!