Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

the HB 1952 is the bill information that is being passed around by the PAAG to the PSP form the PA. Judicial Committee. It is now Law yet but they are preparing as those it is law and gearing up to take it through the ringer sometime before March 2018 – They give a 90 notice to all that the new law is in effect. With SORNA they gave 12 Month notice. . . . . . .

HB 1952 is a fast track Law because they know that as of right now there is no way to prosecute Megan’s violations of Pre SORNA people even though we are in compliance.

The HB 1952 is an immediate law that they want to go into effect right away…. Day one.. . . . . .

We who wait on Muniz – will have to gear up for a fight between the PASC and the PSP and the PAG on the Ex post Facto issue. They think taking the punitive stuff off will let the law fly. PSP control Megan’s Law applications AG prosecute violators and the PASC says what is constitutional applicable to RSO’s.

The PASC is in wait of the Muniz remand to issue their orders to PAG to issue oreders to the PSP for removal of Names – Now when that happens there will be a trouble fight over who to obey now. The HB 1952 law? or the Muniz remand order.. . . This is what Freed wanted – But note clearly – – – – – PSP has to follow the law. When there are two laws they will enforce the HB 1952 until the PASC knock it down with a challenge and the high court rule on it by decision. The Judaical Committee been advised by Freed and Freed told they to strip all the Punitive stuff and make a muster – able law to satisfy PASC so they will ignore Muniz remand.

This is a play from Ohio. They were the first state to try to go around their Supreme Court when SORNA was struck down. . . But Today in OHIO SORNA is dead and all other fixes they came up with. PA will go down the same street crying public safety. . . . . . . . The PASC is not seeing the public safety thing – They are going with the rights of the SO’s. The PASC gave into the public safety thing and the State just kept adding to SORNA more and more restrictions in the name of public safety. The PASC has spoken and now they are going to be force to speak again when HB 1952 comes to them in a muster challenge.