Reply To: Give me your cold and homeless — but not your cold, homeless sex offenders


Wisdom of Solom,

100% dead on!
I smoke. I am a smok(er). Every 15-20 mins I’m pulling another cigarette out of the pack to smoke it.

I committed a sexual offense. But I am not a sex offend(er).

So, as many of us in our youths may have TRIED a cigarette at one time due to peer pressure or trying to look “cool” but never touched the things again, does that one time inhale make you a smoke(er)?
No. It doesn’t. So therefore I am not a sex offend(er).
But the lawmakers know exactly what they’re doing and they all went to school and they know English, grammar and sentence structure so trust me when I tell you – They WANT the public to see us as offend-ers. It helps them to continue to feed the bs of making “tougher laws for sex offenders”.