Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

Please read page 25 and 26 closer. All judicial determinations can be appealed and during such a stay will be in effect. HB 1952 is not a good law at at they keep changing it to make it harder to be done with the PSP.

All ask all to read the bill and make sure you understand it. It will effect a lot of you that have time left to do – If you are over ten years you are done – but some have revert time to do. . This law is danger to you and life people. HB 1952 will meet it’s doom at a court bar on challenge. The PASC will show the real power in this state. The PSP and Judicial Committee think that the PASC will accept what they are doing in the giuse of public safety.

To challenge the system is to be smart. Waiting only gives them more time to figure out how to keep every one right where they were at 20 Dec 2012. HB 1952 is a revert law.. They cannot call it putting people back to Megan
s Law 3 or 2 but it is just that. Without the punitive stuff. They think the removal of the punitive stuff will make it not punishment. Ex Post Facto is not about the punitive element. . . .that is a side issue. The Expost Facto issue is the date. You cannot make a law today and make it apply to all people who were under old law rules. When a law is voted in it is law from that day forward not forward and backward.