Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Ok as per page of 63 64 and 65 of the bill especially pages 64 and 65 line 28 section 1 i it reverts back to the 10 year deal. If the bill playes into effect it will be effective immediately. Im not sure what it means by immediately. It could be when it is in full function on the psp website. Yes, there is at play of 2 things going on 1952 bill and denial of cert. The question is which one will be the one. Right now as it stands there is a kinda a race with the two. 1952 people who wants it is trying to pass it as fast as they can in a hurry before cert is denied or any other play outs come in. Sams as denial of cert. Ok so as far as the 1952 bill. It does leave a window open to be challenged. It does say that it can be challenged. Yes, your and we are going to hear 2 diffrent things until it is all done. Scotus denial and 1952. We will hear and read on the two. Which one will be it. Right now its as good as playing duck duck goose Chase to see what wins. So yes, it gets confusing but dont put them together. It will not work out. As for Why make every offender go to court? It is based on case by case. It’s not to delay anything. It is just to make sure your or anyone to be fit to be taking off the registery. It challenges on how well you did while you were on the registery and if there is any prior pending things. It is only meant to see if your good to go on getting off and the court wants to see that for themselves. As for denial of cert. If it comes to play then i would leave that info up to terry or someone who knows more about it more than myself. Reason why i had focused on the 1952 bill was just the old saying, “Hope for the best and expect the worse.” So i focused on the 1952 tonight based on the old saying. I do not know everything about the 1952 bill. Just only read alot about it and read the entire thing. It has been changed a little since it was pulled from desk in the first place. They added a few extra things and re worded a few things. Not much but enough to make it more detailed. So instead of and they prob added and or….