Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Ok pretty much i had re read bill 1952. Page 25 and 26 states to order to be off the registery no pending charges and be having your registration to be expiring or expire to seek the court. If you cannot afford an attorney then one will be granted. You will have 120 days of this to deal with court. Once granted to be realeased from registry then you must take that paper to the PSP. Then they will order the registry to take you off. No PSP can just take or modify the registery just by saying look at my time and show them when you got convected etc… they will just look at you with a sigh…. and tell you they cant just do that. So, if you still have time on your registry lets say you will be expired in 2019 then you must wait for that year to come from origanal date. If you are expired then the bill on page 25 and 26 states you must go to court petition it. Petition processes is 120 days to complete from the date you file. Everything else is geared towards violent offenders and feuture offenders and people who are on probation and parole and etc… as for the bill they are referring to the 2006 version of the megans law. The bill will be replacing the so called “SORNA” It will take forever to copy and paste the whole bill to be prossesd threw here in this Norsal site. So you can re read the bill pages 25 and 26 in regards to getting off the registry if the bill and when the bill is in full effect and everything else is said and done. The PA has many courts to go around and no it will not get flooded much. As for violent offenders they will not be getting a reminders to register. Only NON violent offenders will still get the notifications in the mail. As for the bill say there will be phones to be used to verify things. NON violent offenders will be placed as a yearly meeting at the PSP approved sites to get pictures taking etc… there will still be a teir system. 1 and 3. I did not see tier 2. If there is one im sorry i did not see such thing on bill. Final it states somewhere in bill is the bill is to satisfy Muniz and the who ever wants the people to remain on the registery. Im not going to get into codes, and sections. I provided earlier on where to search for these things codes etc… now as for me im going to sit and wait for any further comments and just read and enjoy the excitement of new postings for a bit.