Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


As I briefly read the corrected 1952 bill it is mainly targeted towards v s.o. and in regards to who ever has NOT been expired on the registery on before and after 2012 and whenever the bill was written and or intoduced. It also targets some but not all people on the registery. So if this bill takes in to effect in full and set in place and has been the new law of the registery. For those who has their original time on the registery has been passed over due will be getting off. Im not clear under the bill on how to get off or its process or proceedures or anything. My only guess is 2 ways. Wait to recieve letter and or go to see a judge to be taking off. It say something about you have to prove that your not gonna be a threat and have no violence on record and no prior offences and no pending offences or violate any registery laws and probation and parole. The words on the corrected bill is very small and i have a hard time seeing and reading as i dont have much patience to set and read all of its contents threw. Here and there i will go back to reading it later on. But, thats all I know for now.