Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


What happens it that they are told what to say about specifics. So if their boss tells them it’s over, that is what they believe. So they took one fact, the fact that the Pa Supreme Kurt made a decision, and disregarded the fact that the decision was appealed.
It frustrates me when people get their information from the top down becuase the majority of the time, the information is outdated. It takes time for information to flow down to the bottom. Instead of using their own critical thought l, and realizing what is going on, they just accept whatever the higher ups say.
When I was a Mgr, I encouraged my people to think for themselves. You don’t need me to think for you. I am just here to make sure you follow the rules and work efficiently.
That is why you are wasting your time talking to ANYONE besides the Megan’s Law Section. At my PSP Barracks l, they won’t even answer a question or give commentary. They will tell you to call the Megan’s Law Section.
Anyway, I just can’t wait till I don’t have to worry about my annual renewal.