Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Whats funny as I went to the psp yesterday to do my registry. I went in awaited for a bit to get my name called in to get my registry done for the next 6 months. So I had told all who was there about this site. I had explained breifly on whats going on. Some did not want to hear it and 1 person was really intrested in this. I had went in to speak with psp. The psp guy had tried to tell me that muniz case has been tried and done with. Its over he said. I had explained that muniz is still doing his thing in court still. Then the psp guy said, well, the 1952 bill will take into effect by March and that’s when everything will go down. A huge showdown. Then he stated, that i have to then file to the court to get off the registery. Then, he gave 2 way simi statement that yes, i still have to regester in july and he hisatated and said, nnnnnoo, hopefully you wont be coming back here. I scratched my head thinking this guy knowledge is worrh as much as a three dollar bill. Lol. So, i didnt argue with him cause I just wanted to get on with my day yesterday. I was getting hungry and all I can think of was Chipotle.