Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Brian and @ Chuck – You two are my strengthen in this fight. . . Chuck I have so much love and respect for you and your valued opinions on these issues. Brian you are the best on line friend to me – it started with you asking a question. I just answered it in best why I could.

Chuck a vacated order and a vacated judgement are not the same.

When a commonwealth count makes a judgement – that is objected to – there is a 14 day window to give and answer to.

I gave a filed answer fast because I was the AG lawyer entry online at my case file. When I saw that they were wanting me to wait to close my case to refile. . . by Pa. R.A.P rule 1514 (c) I called Reed Lawyer mr. Suton in Chester. Pa. He told me that I should have been a lawyer. He read my Briefs and was so impress that my claim is clear. He told me of Pa. Rule 1532 (b) I am not in this fight alone – I have Chuck – Brian and Mr. Suton and God to thank.

Mr. Suton said that my case is getting attention at the Harrisburg Courthouse and court clerks are wagering to to cheer me on. In my view I should have been dead in the water. I thought a dismissal was in order when I used the service by regular mail. I knew nothing other to do. The Pathonotary Karen also directed me. They cannot practice law for me but they hinted so well in the right direction I took heed.

Chuck I am not mad at you – I don’t know why you feel that You are the one that told me to wait I know but I wanted to opt two actions – wait and fight. It is paning out for me. Re-read the court’s order in my case and you will see that the court also is giving me held. They too are directive to Pa. R.A.P. 1532 (b) where I have a right to be heard on clear grounds – My clear grounds is – Megan’s Law 3 which I was under is gone. SORNA expired it.

I can’t be put under SORNA – Muniz killed that so did Reed and Gilbert – – – – and Nieman was the nuke bomb of them all to the death of Megan’s law 3. . . . . I should not be held to HB 1952 which by date of After 22 April 1996 and before 20 December 2012 – those dated attack pre- SORNA people like us. HB 1952 will not pass muster for it has to be applied retroactively. . . . (Ex Post Facto)

The HB 1952 tries to take out all the punitive stuff and return every one back to where they were 20 Dec 2012 – – – – But law cannot do that unless you repel with savings clause to come back to if new law fails to work out. Pa. did not repeal Megan’s Law 3 they expired it as if it never happened at all. . . That is better than what HB 1952 says. . . . . That is why I chose to fight = a fight for Chuck and Brian my special friend who know and understand the fight as I do. . . I love you Guys and I am so proud of Brian who knew nothing months ago is now in the big show – telling it so well and understanding the issues. And Chuck is too so knowledgeable about what is going on – I have tears in my eyes typing this to say to you GUYs Thanks –