Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


I had just got done doing my review to register on my every 6 month thing. I had spoken to the psp there. The psp has stated that by march sometime things are going down with the registery. He has stated that muniz case has been tried and done with as far as he knew. But, he seemed a bit off. He also stayed thst the hb 1952 bill will be passed and we all have to potetion to the court to get off the registery. My guess is that he was told by his boss from a few weeks ago so it just means he has no clue on current events with muniz and 1952. But, one thing for sure is by march he said that we will all know exactly whats going to happen and how all this guessing will be played out. As i read along on this here in this chat that its a half and half hb 1952 vs Muniz. So really at this point its a huge guess on the race of 1952 vs Muniz. Who will win at the end? It looks as if the psp has already stated that the HB 1952 will come to play in. In here in this chat everyone is wanting to focus on Muniz and hoping he will win. But we will see what’s going on really in the next few months.

This is exactly how the psp told me in person on what terry said. I will re-quote it here:

terry brunson
HB 1952 will challenged on Ex Post Facto standards of the date as new law and not whether it is punitive.

HB 1952 has taken the punitive bite out of the challenge -thinking that will pass constitutional muster because the punitive elements have been removed.

The PASC is not easy fooled to see that Muniz ans Reed and Gilbert – fought EX Post Facto claims, but it was the PASC on its own that saw the light on the real issue as being the application of the SORNA law in a retroactive way – It was based on the date not so much the punitive punishments.

HB 1952 removes the punitive aspects on restrictions – thinking that will satisfy the constitutional muster of being fair to pre SORNA people. The issue is the Date. New Law is being written. It is not a revert backwards by a savings clause. HB 1952 is a new law with a date in 2018 affecting old law people with a past date.