Reply To: Give me your cold and homeless — but not your cold, homeless sex offenders


Give me your cold and homeless—- but not your cold and homeless sex offender. Actually this has been a good article that NARSOL has presented. Fred is right we are just offenders like any other person. Actually all of this is not really about sex. One can’t even have a crime without someone stealing something or harming someone. Oh sure we can have crimes all the time with our thoughts if we use our minds in the wrong way. Actually one can stop a lot of this cold sex offender issue if one uses their stand up to John Q Public that hide’s themselves under the Government.
Sure one’s PO is gone to give false scenario’s to the one on probation person.
Did they not give some of you that when they set you up? We can all be an avenger or an offender and that’s a decision that one has to make.
Police can tell a person that you made a choice to come down here when actually it was a decision but law just passes that over one’s head as if some don’t pick up on that. We can all either chose or make choices about all this cold bondage that one is in. Sure its all about protecting and serving but lets say if they were going to drop the nuclear bomb and they said everybody can go to a shelter except the sex offender, who are they protect and who are they serving when we are all carnal by nature? Are we all in the cold over this sex offender dilemma?