Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Today is a bad day for Terry Guys. The Court sided with the Commonwealth and is making Terry refile. He loses all the time he had in. The silver lining is that it is just a paperwork fix. Hell, with Muniz being scheduled for conference on the 19th, the cert in Muniz may be denied before Terry gets in front of a judge again.
To me, they should have told Terry when he filed his paperwork, he needed to serve PSP and the Attorney General. I mean being pro se you are not going to know the rules. Kind of stupid to make him refile when obviously they heard about the case, or they wouldn’t have made an objection. All to just get another $70.50 from him.
It would be kind of frustrating if we beat Terry off the registry because we waited and he couldn’t be patient.
Oh well, at least its only a paperwork thing.