Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@ Snoopy
I agree with Fred. It is unlikely they will ask for the Solicitor General’s opinion. One Snyder v doe is similar as in the only question the Solicitor General would have to answer, was already answered by his brief in Snyder v Doe. If you read Muniz’s response you will see they quoted the Solicitor General. Two, like Fred, said, they have all nine justice’s now.
I am not sure what is going to happen considering we have a new DA. Skip knows the law. He was a judge so he knows how to apply the law even if the popular vote is against it. I believe Skip will just say we are done without “officially” withdrawing it. I believe he will give you fair shake even if he thinks you are wrong.
It is going to be very exciting to see what happens. Too bad denials don’t get a public vote. If denied, I would be interested to know if they were one short (meaning only 3 wanted to hear the case) or did a lot more say no way we do not want this case. It takes 4 justices to hear a case.