Reply To: Give me your cold and homeless — but not your cold, homeless sex offenders


Wisdom of Solomon

I agree with Dr. Christianson above. This I have said on many occasions but in a different way. It was something about the label “sex offender”. And after considering it a few times it jumped out at me like a snake hidden in the bushes. Allow me to explain what I found. First the “sex”. In and of itself doesn’t really mean anything drastic, a word used probably every day by just about all people; however, when you combine the word sex which is a NOUN with the word “Offend” [(to violate or transgress (a criminal, religious, or moral law).] which is an “ACTION VERB” and then attach the “ER” suffix which in parts of speech means “Present Future Tense” meaning, the object of this label is who they are and what they do on a “CONTINUING” basis like a Fire Fight(er) or Police Offic(er). Therefore, when John Q Public, being feed this misinformation in the tractor trailer loads by the media, they naturally think/believe that the person so labeled is a present threat because sex offending is what they do and who they are on a “CONTINUING” basis, not what they may have done, or sex offend (ED)—-past tense. Does anybody NOT understand this concept? Therefore people, the Government/media/criminal justice system lying to John Q Public about who people with sex crimes are—big time. And John Q Public has not a clue, actually they are pretty stupid because it appears that they cannot discern the break-down of the label. In other words, John Q Public either cannot see or do not understand that if a person is an actual sex offender, meaning this is who they are and what they do on a “CONTINUING” basis then this person should be being sought by the police at ALL times, and not be allowed to be posted on some website or job restricted or banished/relegated to the poorest neighborhood where maybe 1 out of 5 house holds has a computer to look for RSOs their neighborhood. NO! Those who are labeled sex offender should be the object of police “All Points Bulletins” and heir faces on “Wanted” posters. Doesn’t this make sense to you? If it were me my question to law enforcement, my state and local law makers would be “if this person or these people are sex offend(ER)s then why are they allowed to walk the streets? Hope this makes sense, if not then some please tell me that this sounds mentally retarded and to shut my mouth.