Reply To: Give me your cold and homeless — but not your cold, homeless sex offenders



I contacted the ministry and had an email exchange with Lynn Harbison, she said that sex offenders should obey the law. She obviously has no idea of what the laws are herself and apparently has no desire to even understand them, easier just to paint them all with a broad brush and cast them out like lepers. Also apparent, she may not understand or have even read the Bible or she would not be pointing and the speck in someones eye with massive plank in her own. Her explanation was quite different from what others are reporting here, and according to her, SO are welcome to food and services, but are not allowed to spend the night because it is a transitional shelter for families, not sure why that matters, however she did go on to also convey in a very negative attitude that they do not really even have to offer any services to SO’s if they do not want to. I really think by why I understood that she may not be the brightest person or the most worldly and aware and probably feels safe this way with no need to know better, which would lead me to believe she may be of limited capacity. I do not like to put it that way but some people never get the memo and feel safer not knowing the truth, another case of a lazy person casting their laziness onto someone else for the burden. I think its just a case of small town attitude with a small mind at the helm, and as we know, education is in a dire situation in this country, we keep replicating this mindset,