Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@ Mark

Skip becoming the DA changes things a bit. I don’t think Skip will pull out per se, but he might have his people not out that much umph into it. The ending result being, yes the appeal is still being processed, but kind of hard to win when you turn in a 100 word answer. That type of situation. Look st it like this: If Pa loses, skip can say “I didn’t appeal it.” Yet if he withdraws, there will always be that “what if” question. Voters who are upset about us getting off will always say “If you would of left things alone, SCOTUS would of reversed. They just had to. No way they could of left the peodphiles loose”
Furthermore, It’s just hard to overcome a newspaper headline that says “Da drops Sex offender Appeal”. It may be the best bing for the County considering the appeal is a loser, but just can’t get passed that newspaper heading
This is why I don’t let people intimidate me into hiding in my home. I want them to see I am just another guy going about his day without bothering anyone who doesn’t want to interact with me.
The way I look st it is this. 1952 wont be Law for a bit. So all the rules we have to follow won’t chsnge as of yet. Yes I want off this registry really bad. Yet, it is going to take some time. It is hard meeting single women when they can do a google search within 30 seconds of meeting you. Kind of hard to let them get to know you first, when they beat you to the punch. It’s not that I hide my registration, it’s just not the first thing out of my mouth. Especially on a date. Yet, I can’t let that stop me from loving my life. If a woman wants to pre judge me, then that’s fine, let them.
My point being guys don’t let getting off the registry become your life. Eat, drink, and be merry. As my dad use to say don’t be afraid to live, cry and love.
Besides, I am sure Skip is not worried about losing the Sex Offender vote, even though felons can vote in Pa. The only requirement is that you have to register and not be in jail. My friend lives in the South and felons can’t vote there.