Reply To: Give me your cold and homeless — but not your cold, homeless sex offenders


Fred you commit on here from time to time and you do make a lot of good commits. When I first got involved with giving some commits on NARSOL I e-mailed Mary Sue, I believed she is with Texas Voices and I guess she forward my e-mail to Brenda Jones that was about 3 or 4 yrs. ago Folks NARSOL has a specific purpose.
Sure NARSOL is here to help but you have to help yourself. Sure NARSOL is a support group and even NARSOL can do just so much.. They have chapters that have sprung up all over some of the states. Compassion, yes they have compassion, now view’s might be different but the main goal of any organization is to help others make their sex offender dilemma a bit easier. Some should update themselves on some of the conference video’s. Listen to Paul Shannon and some of the group. Mary Sue is a strong person for getting some to listen. NARSOL has a good structured form where one can share opinions. This form is not all about disagreements its about coming together and helping others.
People like Janice in California and Linda Carpenter and a lot of others are in there fighting for the sex offenders rights, and also I have to mention a lot of us have to be patient. There is a lot of protocol involved in all this issue that one need’s to know and if one really wants to know sometimes man can upset the apple cart. Basically some of us were just caught up in this hoopla label status.