Reply To: Give me your cold and homeless — but not your cold, homeless sex offenders


Thank you for the statement, but you continue to miss several points.
First: It is not against the law for you to accept all registrants into your shelter, only registrants on supervision are barred, according to sources familiar with the law. (And no I don’t agree with that either).
Second: Did you give a statement saying that all people are welcome to stay in your shelter? Yes you did. Are all people welcome to stay in your shelter? No they are not, unless you consider registrants to not be people? And therein lies the hypocrisy of your statement. You could easily remedy this by issuing an apology and setting it straight that not all people are welcome to stay in your shelter. Just those who do not have a sex offense conviction in their past are welcome.

Would Jesus say “But it’s the law”?

You are receiving hate mail? I am not sure you know what hate mail is compared to some of the people who participate in here who can’t even get a basic thing like shelter without jumping through hoops when it’s freezing outside.

They will be sure to have a Happy New Year as soon as they find a warm place to sleep.