Reply To: Give me your cold and homeless — but not your cold, homeless sex offenders

Lynn Rogers Harbison

Please see the following statement from the Director of Christ N Us Ministry .
PSA- in lieu of the recent private messages and public comments I ( we) have received regarding the story about our opening the shelter during the freezing temperatures. The accusations are calling us hypocrites and worse because we can not allow registered sex offenders to reside in our facility. Please note that the statements portrayed were not quotes from our associate Pastor. It was the reporter adding in a fact at the end of the story.
Our response is as follows:
We do not make the law, but we do have to abide by it. We will give them a hot meal, a hot shower, warm clothes, coats and blankets, they can even attend our services and Bible studies. (This is all of the time- our services and resources are open to EVERYONE. ) We will also find them somewhere they can go. There are numerous other shelters available. They simply cannot RESIDE in our facility, we are a family shelter, a great deal of our clients and children are under safety plans through DHR and the court system. Jesus would not kick them out into the cold and neither do we. We do the very best we can do within the limits of the law that we must abide by. We are a family shelter/ Transitional home who simply offered to open our doors to others in need who are not in our program. We do not have to, we are not required to, we want to.
Perhaps if more people would get involved something could be done to rectify the situation and open a facility that will allow these individuals more help and resources. God Bless you and Happy New Year!