Reply To: Give me your cold and homeless — but not your cold, homeless sex offenders

obvious answers

You will never win your battles because you dont even know what your war is!..You were destroyed the minute you accepted the title you were given!! Stop and start battling smart for a change. The English language and psychology need to be employed here. The fact no one has told anyone this shows how little your supposed supporters really care about you!!
As long as you allow others to define what you are you have lost every battle and are just fighting for scraps!…
How about start by asking some simple questions and look inside yourself for some simple answers?
Are you a sex offender? Or did you commit a sexual based crime?
Why is a prostitute NOT on the sex registry even thou their ” crime” is pretty obviously a sex crime??.
Why are these questions important??
If you are a “sex offender” That is a title.Much like a king,or president, or ceo, but with out the glamour.. That is something you wear and in English it states a current and future status NOT a past action..You will never win your battle as a “sex offender” because Sub-consciously even those fighting on your side will register you as currently subhuman and so will always limit their stand for you and will always be a bit ashamed to be associated with you..Including spouse’s and parents.. That is a fact!! Real fact is if you keep defining yourself as a sex offender you will be ashamed of yourself and wont even be able to properly stand yup to or for yourself! you will be your own worst enemy!
NOW if you are a human who was charged with a sex crime THAT IS different. That denotes a past mistake and something that no matter how heinous can be over come. You can feasibly win now because you have learned to define yourself which gives you courage and it will give others courage to stand boldly beside you.

Last why are prostitutes not “sex offenders”? Interesting to note when they were removed from the registry’s they were termed “as sex trade workers” not prostitutes..hmmm.. power of psychology and the English language!!!
sex registry’s never were about registering sex crimes as much as they were about weakening peoples resistance to an eroding of personal constitutional liberty’s and freedoms.
If you want your freedoms restored STOP accepting that you are a lesser person deserving of loosing your freedoms in the first place!!! If you accept the titles given you and if you accept you are deserving of loosing your freedoms then why on earth will anyone else feel you should have your freedoms? sympathy? yea dont count on that one..