Reply To: International Travel


I am a registered sex offender. My wife and I tried to travel to Mexico last May 2017 and was denied entry. I failed to do my homework and find that Mexico has been denying entry. They called my name on the plane once we arrived and we were escorted to the immigration office. We were then boarded back in the same plane and sent back to United States. It was a long and frustrating day. It was most frustrating that I checked with my person at the Local Sherrifs office who works with the registry about traveling to Mexico and she told me there would be no issues. Why don’t these people have this info?!

Secondly my wife and I would like to travel to the Czech Republic in Europe this coming summer. I have been to this country several times but never as a registered sex offender. Does anyone have any info or insight on gaining entry to the Czech Republic? Or does anyone have ideas on people to contact so I could get a more certain answer? Any info is appreciated.