Reply To: Give me your cold and homeless — but not your cold, homeless sex offenders

Logan Stone

I’ll say this one more time -I hope this board is listening.
This hatred towards so-called “Sex Offenders” is the same mental and emotional pathetic false legal justification and foundation for Sex Registration laws themselves.
This same ruse was used to discriminate against Gays and every other sexual minority-it’s the :
[“You Have a Different Sexuality Than Mine –so You Must Be Ready on A Seconds Notice To RAPE In Broad Daylight At The Drop Of a Hat-So WE Have to Watch You Every SECOND The Ruse is –You Can’t Control Your Sex Urge- BECAUSE You MUST Be Over-Sexed-Or You Would Be Like Me Taunt]
The people spouting this nonsense –Know it’s Nonsense–Its used to harass under trumped up nonsensical justification –using the propaganda terms of “ Danger and Safety”-two words repeatedly taken completely out of all context to demonize sex offenders-when what is really being objected to is alternate sexual values.
The number of sex registrants who were convicted of true stranger danger Forced Rape I would guess to be fewer than 2 %.
The puritanical purpose of the Scarlet Letter wasn’t because adulterers were a “Danger” to anyone-but to punish for not following religious mandated sex values, and the current Sex Reg laws are NO Different!