Reply To: Give me your cold and homeless — but not your cold, homeless sex offenders


Seems like now everybody wants to get out of the cold now since Sandy brought this article up. Its of the better topics I have seen but their have been a lot of good ones. Sure I like truth and understanding who doesn’t. At times we all don’t use our brains we “think” with our hindsight instead of foresight.
I wonder why I didn’t say one condition no sex when going down to meet that gal? I wonder why we can’t attend church, have to have a chaperone to be approved by those that wronged us in some of this situation.. Can we say who’s causing one to stumble. Sure we can all stay in the cold for the rest of our lives and just suffer through all this.
We can even walk into church and introduce ourselves and see how things go. in other words if one stands up for others that is a blessing in itself.
Isn’t the world cold today and getting colder, but one has to remember we are talking about sex offender issues, nor gay issues, or abortion issues, so should we all stand up for the truth. Now can the truth set you free. Well that’s up to one’s judgment so how cold is that or should we all seek the truth or speak up for the truth.