Reply To: Give me your cold and homeless — but not your cold, homeless sex offenders

Sandy Rozek
Sandy Rozek

Michael, thank you, and Mig too, for keeping me on my toes. Please don’t ever stop.

I have read and re-read what I wrote, and I do not see that I have done any stereotyping in the piece, and I definitely have not created “fake” news as you have suggested.

I understand, and understood when I wrote it, that the policy of excluding those on the registry is largely due to the laws of the state of Alabama. No, I would not want the church being shut down, unable to help anyone. I was not criticizing them for the policy nearly as much as I was criticizing them for what I perceived as, and still perceive as, their hypocrisy. Regardless of why they were unable to take in registrants, they gave statements to the press saying, not once or twice but apparently multiple times, that anybody who needed help and shelter would find it with them. They even came close to bragging a little by saying that they don’t know many others in the area who will take in any and everybody who needs help. That is a direct quote from a church spokesman. He did not speak the truth. Whatever the reason, they will not take in any and everybody who needs help. If they explained the situation and said they did not agree with the policy, and the media outlet did not print that, then that is something I would be very interested in knowing. I NEVER want to show a Christian church in a bad light regarding this topic.

What would I like to see come from this? How about a little active civil disobedience? How about the pastor of this church enlisting other area or state pastors who feel as he feels? Maybe they can contact their legislature and ask for a meeting with some key legislators? It seems to me that there might even be a separation of church and state issue: state laws are forbidding their churches from practicing the Word of God as He has directed them to. I believe that something good can come from anything. Why not this?