Reply To: Give me your cold and homeless — but not your cold, homeless sex offenders



The sad truth is that the public DOES NOT CARE what the legitimate data says. All they know is an offender raped a woman or molested a child and that to them makes all of us sub-human trash. Hanging or shooting is too good for the likes of us on the registry. They don’t care that we have he lowest recidivism rate among all other classes of felons save murderers. They don’t care that proper treatment COUPLED WITH STEADY DECENT EMPLOYMENT, STABLE HOUSING, AND POSITIVE, NON-ENABLING SUPPORT FROM FAMILY AND FRIENDS REDUCES RECIDIVISM DRASTICALLY. Giving us a dog’s chance to rebuild after serving our time is not an option in most people’s minds. We deserve the most painful, grotesque death one human can possibly inflict upon another in their self-righteous minds. The courts, when they rule honestly, are our only hope for even the slimmest chance of a fair shake and even the courts are not 100% judicially honest. Many still used the flimsiest, most tortured reasoning to leave unconstitutional and inhumane sex offender laws, supervision rules, and ordinances in place. Even judges let their personal bias play into their rulings. I guarantee you whenever a judge looks at a rapist or a child molester he probably thinks, “If I wasn’t a judge, I’d kill this sub-human P.O.S. myself!”

This is the reality of what we are up against in America.