Reply To: Give me your cold and homeless — but not your cold, homeless sex offenders

Theresa Dail

My 36 year old son is on the registry for a girlfriend related incident in 2005. THIRTEEN YEARS ago, and even though he has filed to be taken off the list, NO ONE at the clerk of court office has ever called him back about a court date.
He and his wife of 4 years are living in a shed behind my house, and he is not allowed to attend church, or go to his 8 year old son’s school for any reason, nor can he take his son to a park or any other event for children.
His father is a disabled Army Veteran, and I am the person who had to put him ON the registry when I worked at the local Sheriffs Office.
I only pray that one day we will be able to afford a lawyer to help him get off of this horrible list.
We are praying for everyone on the list who is enduring all this hatred……