Reply To: Give me your cold and homeless — but not your cold, homeless sex offenders


Michael Rieder

Very well said, Mig. Thank you for doing the footwork of clearing out this fake news by calling the church yourself.

I too am also bothered that sometimes NARSOL make these broad stroke declarations without researching clearly. You have done a very good service by making the call you did and speaking with the ministry leader. I am glad to hear that this ministry does have compassion for the registered citizen who is homeless.

Certainly, I wish that church of Jesus Christ would be more proactive by setting up safety plans for those who might overnight in their churches, as well as speak out for better laws.

Then again, perhaps that’s what we’re here for. to stand in the gap for those voices that aren’t heard.

Through the caring interest of a church in my town, I am able to attend Sunday services. This is because the pastor and church leadership took the time to hear my story, see my safety plan, and embrace me with the love and acceptance of Jesus Christ.

Now, why isn’t that story being told?

I’m all for a church want to make sure that their children and members are safe from someone who’s done a sexual crime (albeit, how about a murderer and an arsonist and a domestic violence perpetrator?).

But when we present our story of how we have made our self safe and made amends for our wrongs, there will be those pastors and church leaders who will embrace us with acceptance.

Thanks again, Mig!