Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

HB 1952 is a bill that shows the people that the polatitions – if it fail they we blame the PASC and MUNIZ case tied their hands.

The HB 1952 helps some but not all. . . . . . Life time under old Megan’s Laws 2 and 3 must get a judicial determination from a court in the commonwealth to get off under HB 1952. The only help HB 1952 give to life time people is a reduced update time from every 3 months to once a year updates. And the phone in is an option if the shaming issue is brought up not to show picture on web site under PSP control.

Commonwealth v. Reed case fought this and won – on reputation shaming of web-site. PSP does has no enforcing power to hold old Megan’s Law people to revert old Megan’s Law was impossible due to expired old law. SORNA cannot be applied to Reed because there is no old Megan’s Law to revert back to. Megan’s Law 3 was not repealed it was expired as if it never happen. Reed was removed from the registry. And given an order to never be required to be help to old Megan’s Law 3 standards or SORNA requirements either

He is off free and cleared. . . . . Reed case was heard at the PASC two hours before the Muniz case on 19 July 2017, no appeal of Cert to SCOTUS was taken at all. . . . . . . . . Oct 17, 2017 was the 90 +wait to see if Reed ADA would file Cert to SCOTUS – He did not – Reed became equal law with Muniz. . . . . .