Reply To: Give me your cold and homeless — but not your cold, homeless sex offenders


Capt. Its almost like teorrorism with a harlot slant under the disguise of public safety by an internet measure’s. Now only someone in a rubber room could “think” that one up. Remember I don’t think I like to use knowledge & understanding. We are a tax commodiy for them. Go back to history to the Massachutte Bay Colony day and see how they treated those people, banisment, burned the witches, even told the Quakers to get out, don’t bring any more of those people over here, any captain caught bringing them over here would be fined.
Now today those wrapped up in all this still try to figure all this kayos out. Even accused witches were stripped searched daily before being hanged or whatever and I’m sure those dungon’s were very cold back in those days. One get to the point where they don’t even care anymore but isn’t helping others better than not helping at all. So never give up as things always look brighter with a new year on the rise.