Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@ chuck & others

Ok, so I read one of your replies about keeping vacations under 7 days… At the risk of sounding stupid, if I go away for less than 7 days I don’t have to report a change? Sometimes we do day trips out and back to the beach which we don’t report since I’m never staying overnight anyplace else… but there were a few trips where we went away for 5 to 6 days – that I reported to the PSP. Are you saying I didn’t need to – I reported everything (mailed it in), which is why it is just harassment that a Trooper with the PSP accused me of not updating stuff? What are my reporting requirements to other states if I travel out of state? When I do finally get off of the registry do I still need to register with other states if I am off of the registry here? With the new law HB1952, will I still get to do mail in updates? I’ve heard something about making phone calls… Will it change the whole 7 day vacation requirement thing? As always, I appreciate all of your help and advice.

To everyone out there, best wishes for a happy and blessed New Year… You are all in my thoughts and prayers and I hope we all get good news soon and are able to get off the registry as soon as possible.