Reply To: Give me your cold and homeless — but not your cold, homeless sex offenders


I just called the number listed and the polite man representing the ministry that answered told me that it is not their ministry that is prohibiting RSO’s from being allowed at the shelter, but it is Alabama state law that is prohibiting them. He told me that the ministry wants to accept everyone but they would be shut down if any RSOs were allowed. It is the state of Alabama, not the ministry itself, that is prohibiting RSOs. Be mad at Alabama, not this ministry.
So, this is the sort of story that makes this ministry look bad by NARSOL when if fact it is the state of Alabama that needs to be exposed for lack of compassion. Perhaps I am wrong, but sometimes it seems as though NARSOL, and many of the people that post here, sometimes jump to conclusions without the facts in an attempt to push an agenda saying “everyone here is against RSOs” when, in fact, not everyone is. I personally have had people help me, people assist me, and people speak out against the crazy RSO laws on my behalf. Let’s not paint every Christian as “anti-RSO” or a hater, including the ministry mentioned in this article. Shame on NARSOL for not digging just a bit deeper into this story and looking up the Alabama laws. It seems as though NARSOL has only repeated the mainstream media that aired this story and is just as guilty of contributing to “fake news”.