Reply To: Give me your cold and homeless — but not your cold, homeless sex offenders


To agree or disagree that is the question. Now we can all agree or disagree on here with some of these comments. Just like the election of President but actually the election of president surprised everyone. Yes we will have Trump as president. We will always have offenders in our mist. Is one offender better than the other?
Whether its drug offender, an alcohol offender, or what. Anyone can be an offender but human nature and those that “think” better than others seem to label the sex offender as the worst of the worst offenders. Is man killing man with some of these cold weather restrictions? Is there no compassion today in America?
Notice I’m trying not to use any Bible wording or anything like that as I want this to be as humanistic as I can with this comment, but you see you can’t have one without the other.
Sure we can read stories about Noah’s ark, feeding the poor and hungry, or even listen to a pop song like ” Give me shelter, course that wasn’t one of my favorite songs, but that doesn’t even compare to this disgraceful situation as this sex offender registry has caused to some. Law enforcement get on the internet each night to see who they can snare or trap in all this crap and as Fred and others have said its a Money Pit.
A warning would be more acceptable instead of those keeping those on the lifetime registry and that is predicting and giving a false impression of protecting and serving after one has spent their time in jail, prison, or on probation.
If man could figure out man, than man would say I’m the man. Is this sex offender ordeal. A twilight zone episode “To serve man” or is it to “Control man”.