Reply To: Pennsylvania Legislature attempts to “fix” unconstitutional law


The government should be given a mandate, specifically for the courts expansion! Surely, with all the excessively mandatory bs registry laws…..the Supreme Court in all fairness bow to the point on the floor “that the time delays and lack of professional input puts registrants at an empass that is not only burdensome beyond what humans should maintain but it is unjust and unfair to expect an ex offender to be law abiding and whole and in good sound mind while subjected to severe consequences of Megan’s law and sorta etc. etc…….therefore relief in all areas concerning the individuals rights to live free in society should be fully restored to pre sentencing, thereby released from all legal obligations on the grounds and basis that ex offenders were unduly obligated and wrongfully abliged to obey laws that conflict with civil and constitutional rights which cannot stand for the right of the state, government should have no legal claim upon the individuals rights to function in a NORMAL capacity, hence the governing laws on ex sex offenders should now and from hence forth be eliminated from all states and localities, permanently relieving all responsibilities/liabilities.