Reply To: Pennsylvania Legislature attempts to “fix” unconstitutional law



Interesting you talk about this subject. I talked multiple times with Alabama, and had similar answers, they are lies! I was told the spend every waking moment with death row cases! Bs….they are either incompetent ahooos or someone is a lier! Example if the Supreme Court cannot or will not or whatever, handle cases or case loads……Well, does anyone see they NEEEEED addddddditional SUPREME courts for it is unlawful to take decaaaaaades to have reasonnnnnable time statutes and relieeeeeeef from over burdensome and unlaaaaaawful, rules, regulations, policies, and proceeeeedures! Are we the people of the U.S. short of intellectuals or professionals? Are we a dumb nation that cannot pass good and right legal system structures that are functioning for the good of all citizens? We sure have whom ever passing all these bullllll sheeeeep laws on ex offenders! Well, have we lost all sense of legal and moral direction in this great land? Why are none of the important questions being asked and considered?