Reply To: Pennsylvania Legislature attempts to “fix” unconstitutional law


Legislation “DID NOT” attempt to fix a Daaaam thing! It is hell bent on being a victim based point of view which is NOT TRUTH OR JUSTICE for all people! The powers should not be allowed to continue with victim hood mentality! It is unjust to hurt (punishhhh) some citizens (ex-offender) that lawfully paid debt to socieeeeety, PERIOD…….! Conjecture, hear say, hypothetical, and assumption mixed with other in admissible bogus statistics that do not spend adequate time and contemplation on motive shows deep concerns for in-depth exploration as to true intent and further criminal psychological analysis! What we have is a fast drive through court system that has not is not giving fair representation and regard for individual rights! George w bush , pulled the same non sense when he said in the name of national security we the government should hurt 100 good people to catch the one supposedly bad guy! It was and is scary too see the people still agree and allow this idiotic mind set to prevail all other rationale! I hope it’s their loved one that’s hurt not mine!