Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


If you are talking about the limited access shield, it does not cover felonies and ALL sex offenders are explicitly BARRED for applying. Any sex crime is barred. The only relief for sex offenders is to apply for a Pardon which takes 4-6 years. Plus you need a least 10 years since the date you completed probation, parole or got out of prison to be crime free. Also, you need to be able to show you have made considerable changes in your life to be worthy of a Pardon.
I know all this becuase once I finish school I am applying for a Pardon. I am saving up the $4,000.00 my lawyer wants to represent me.

Do not apply for a Pardon too early. If you are denied, you cannot reapply simply becuase you were denied the first time. You have to wait several ears and show that since the denial you have made substantial differences in your life.

I had two minor summary tickets that I just had expunged in preparation of applying for a Pardon once I complete all my education in 2021.