Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


People may think that’s why we want off, that’s just stuppid, look at it like this, if someone wants off to go re offend the fbi has every criminals DNA on file nowadays, those are the people who just want us to remain on the registry so they can point and laugh, harass and whatnot, I mean anything a person touches leaves their dna on what they touch.
If someone does want to get off solely to go and reoffend then they deserve life on the registry or prison for the fact they were given a chance, the gift to start over and have a new life now they want to go and do that sht, it’s like the guy who won the lottery who was an SO, he went out and tried to lure some kid, sorry but some people don’t learn or are incapable of changing. I’m sorry I’m not trying to throw stones no I’m not perfect never was never will be. Chuckp people like you and I want to are capable and have changed our lives completely.