Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@Politician Clone
Ever since they came up with ban the box then back ground checks were the next greatest thing for employers, even though the box wasn’t on the application every job interview I ever had I was verbally asked if I had a record and if I answer yes then later the next day or so I would get a call saying oh we hired someone with better credentials and if I lied which I have before to test the waters they still did a background check. So ban the box don’t mean anything they can just go around it,
And with this new clean slate act I’m sure that’s not going to work for sexoffenders unless they got arrested for peeing in public or something considered low level it probably won’t happen, for someone like me who dated a girl unknowingly younger then I was because she lied about her age because she wanted to hang out with the older crowd and be cool. I have a nice class 3 felony which I’m sure isn’t low level, I was urged to do a plea bargain because they would hang me if not because I had a public defender who didn’t care, he also said over 20 years ago my record would be eligible for expungement after I was off probation, when I tried to have it expunged they said what are you taking about your not eligible. But I like to think positive also, so. Aybe the clean slate will apply to me and others once off the registry but I am still doubtful.