Reply To: “Sex offense is the one crime that you can never pay for”


It is sad but true that the registry is destroying honest hard working people. My husband was previously married and had a step daughter that was out of control. Because he was strict with her and his marriage was almost completely in the toilet his step daughter drove the final nail and said he touched her. She admitted in an interview that she lied, but they prosecuted him anyway. His life, and livelihood ruined. He served time was on probation and received an early release. When we were married he moved thinking fresh start..nope…can’t find work..started his own business……gets squashed when a background check is ran. He was however able to earn 12,000 in 2 months. Recently his mom had a stroke and he has been working with lawyer for curatorship because that’s what a son does…takes care of his mom..someone mom barely knows went and got emergency curatorship along with his uncle basing it on that fact. Said he has been astranged..not the case. Blocked him from any information on his moms well being. Every time we try to do anything she uses this against him, and the judge we go before next week has already made his decision, so I and his sister are going to request it in order for him to be allowed in his moms life. I have been disowned by my family for marrying him. Their loss not mine. I stand by him and know he is a great man…but the registry has made life hell! I have had to block out my windows from nosey neighbors!