Reply To: Abolish the public sex offender registry


Thank all of you for sharing it is been so long since I found citizens having the same problems I face everyday since 1993 I have two beautiful children somewhere that I have not seen since then when my ex-wife accuse me of touching my daughters rear end while we were going through a custody battle where I had full custody of the kids I did my full sentence because I could not complete the Missouri sex offender program without admitting guilt and for me there is no way to do that because I was not guilty of sexually touching my daughter when released from prison I moved to Kansas where I didn’t have to register then in 2009 when Missouri made the retroactive law to require anyone convicted of a sex offense to register I had to start registering in Kansas even though I was not required to register by Kansas law I am required to register for life by the retroactive Missouri law I pray everyday that things will change after registering every 3 months since 2009 I actually forgot to register this past April I have been charged with a level 3 felony facing 10 years in prison I’ve lost my job we have no money we are facing losing our home and when we do I don’t know where my family and I will live I have faith that the laws will change they just haven’t changed soon enough my wife is Filipino and her father passed away in January I could not go because sex offenders are not allowed in many countries including the Philippines due to our USA passport restrictions one day when I win the lottery I will take it to the highest court and not stop until sex offenders are treated justly and their families are also treated with kindness and retroactive laws prohibited by our constitution are wiped from the books forever God bless each and everyone of you in 2018 I believe it will be a great year